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bungy jumping

bungyThis activity is for people who enjoy a little bit of danger. It involves jumping off a high ledge high of the ground (or river) while being attached to an elastic cord. The thrill of it comes from the free falling, as you have no other security apart from the elastic cord (tightly secured to your ankle, of course) and the rebound. Mark our words: this activity will leave you cringing for more.


AJ Hackett Bungy pioneered this crazy adrenalin activity called Bungy Jumping in a little place called Queenstown, located on the South Island of New Zealand. He developed a super-stretchy elastic bungee cord in the mid-1980s and demonstrated its use by throwing himself off the Eiffel Tower in Paris in1987. Now, many years later,he is still delivering amazing experiences and has branched out with a range of different bungys for all levels, such as Nevis Bungy, which is New Zealand’s highest, Auckland Bridge Bungy, which is New Zealand’s only ocean touch, The Ledge Bungy, which is a freestyle bungy that allows you to do flips, twists and dives, and many more. Not quite brave enough to jump alone or maybe it’s just more fun jumping with a mate? No problem, the Tandem Bungy Jump in Taupo allows you to jump with a family member or friend!