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cavCave through some of the most challenging caving systems in the world, or so they say. Your experience can range from a calm drift on a boat ride tosee glow worms, or an action-packed adventure which includes dangling from ropes and a flying fox inside the cave. You can choose to go see caves whereyou can just walk through, or you may want to experience black water rafting. Whatever your choice, you will not forget this amazing journey through caves you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


The most amazing New Zealand caving adventure are in Waitomo Caves. They’re unique and mind-blowing caving adventures offer something for all ages.With the range of activities offered, such as abseiling, caving, tubing, rafting or climbing activities, it makes for a perfect holiday activity. The Waitomo region is home to unforgettable sightseeing attractions. Discover magical glowworms by boat in the caves. If you are in the South Island, then there are many caving activities there also. You can experience underworld cave rafting, adventure caving, gloworm cave tours and many more!