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glider planes

gliderThis activity is something that should be done at least once in a lifetime, and it will completely change the way you view the world below. There are courses for soon-to-be pilots, or one may just like to ride for the fun of it.


If you wish to soar like the birds then hang gliding is about as close as you can get,and, of course, you will be with an experienced pilot while being safely secured, or for the more adventurous ones, there is an option to attend hang-gliding lessons to learn how to fly yourself.


Before your flight in the high-performance gliders begins, you will be given a full safety briefing and be shown how the aircraft is controlled in flight. The best part is that, before landing, you will be given the opportunity to control the glider yourself under the quidance of your pilot. Don’t forget to take your camera; the view from up there is amazing!


Fly out to see the valleys, which is a 30 minute trial flight popular amongst tourists. See the nearby mountains at two to four thousand feet above the ground. The flight is tailored to suit you. Whether you like a smooth, gentle flight or if your up for some aerobatics, the choice is yours.


If you like a good adventure you can take the hour long trial flight to see the mountains. Flights can be done for a longer time period with additional costs.