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This is for the people who like to live it rough. There are no rules, no regulations, no safety procedures. Just you and your thirst for an adventure. This type of holiday is most enjoyable with a couple of friends or family that share the same adrenalin. You are open to outdoor sports, New Zealandculture and much more – there is no stopping you.


If you havn’t realised yet, New Zealand is widely known for its kiwifruit and sheep. Maybe its the location, or maybe its because New Zealand rarely finds its way into the international media, but its blue seas, green lands, snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes do not fail to make it an ideal holiday destination for backpackers. In such a small country, you can hore trek along the beach, swim with the dolphins, hike through rain forests and savour a lamb rack like no other. Just how much culture, adventure, socialising and scenery you take in is entirely up to you.