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farmWith New Zealand having endless open roads and numerous vineyards, its no surprise of the amount of farms that are scattered around the country. While sheep, pigs and cows are hugely common, you will also see horses, goats, deer and llamas. Would you like to take a couple of photographs cuddling baby animals? Then let us take you to Sheep World in Auckland or Agrodome in Rotorua where you can do so and also witness a remarkable sheep shearing show and learn about deer and sheep farming to experience some farm fun for the whole family.


The Agrodome Farm show is packed with hours of entertainment for the whole family. You will be introduced to 19 breeds of sheep while hearing amazing facts and witness a live sheep shearing demonstration. On top of that, you can also choose to feed the baby lambs or even hand-milk a cow! This experience is truly one for the whole family.


Sheep world in Auckland provides a unique insight into how we farm our sheep in New Zealand, then harvest and use their wool. You may have seen this intv shows and magazine articles around the world, but if not, then you can experience first-hand sheep farming in a one hour presentation given by experienced presenters that are full of facts and explain the process throughout the presentation. You will also have the opportunity to feed the lambshere as well!