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whale watching

watchingExperience a unique whale watching experience, and even get to swim with them. If whale watching is your thing, then Kaikoura in the South Island isthe place to be. There, you can easily see a number of sperm whales better than anywhere else in the country. These 15 metre predators can be seen in the area throughout the year and they are an absolute wonder to watch.


Come with us to witness the Hole in the Rock in the Bay of Islands and keep a lookout for bottlenose dolphins, whales and other marine life as we get you up close to the action from the comfort of the Dolphin Seeker. Or head over to Kaikoura, which is one of New Zealand’s leading nature tourist destinations offering a variety of exciting Sperm Whales and dolphin encounters that can grow up to 20m and weigh over 50 tonnes. These whales can be seen all year round, making Kaikoura one of the most popular whale watching locations in the world.