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mountain biking

mounWant to ride down a forest track in one of our many bike trails? Love to take risks and feel the thrill of riding down long downhill roads? Then grab a mountain bike and head down to Tongariro National Park, which is preferred by many adventure-loving bikers. If you like to keep things calm and take your time experiencing the beauty around you, then there are many tracks that aren’t too risky and give you the freedom to do as you wish.


Your cycling adventure to New Zealand can include one of many different rides – from short day trips on well maintained trails, to challenging single-track mountain bike rides, to multi-day adventures on one of our cross-country cycleways. There are many options to choose from, Experience subtropical forests of the far North, historic old coach roads, and breathtaking lake and mountain views. Or go along the classic roads of New Zealand, such as theCrown Range on the South Island. Or enjoy some regional rides, one which the locals love, such as the Lake Hayes Track just outside of Arrowtown.


There are many events you can take part in as well that are taking place throughout the year for those of you that like a bit of a challenge.